The Best Way to Understand Leadership

This post is a continuation of The Golden Formula for Wisdom. If you haven’t read that I encourage you to read it. With that, this might sounds a bit smarter and me less eccentric :P.  So just go ahead & read it first and then you can come back to this.

Leadership is one of the most discussed concepts here in the West. There is something about being relatively better-off that pushes our brain to the conclusion that we can also lead others into this. To a certain degree, it is right… because you need to see the better-off to get there, but it isn’t all there is. Leadership can be tough and exhausting, but based on the time-gate model there is finally a really simple, singular path to being a good leader. It’s a simple formula that can be used as ‘quick’ test of sorts to see if your leadership methods, goals & strategies are actually correct for the people.

You need a rational reason for why you aren’t 100% right

Based on the golden formula, we always start with truth as being an infinity. So no matter what, you cannot assume you are 100% correct. That is key for a good leader. I am not saying to second-guess yourself all the time. But know that no matter how strongly you believe in a particular way. It is not the right one. It can temporarily be the best one, but that’s why it can always be improved. So this instill the first thing. Which is humility, combined with a rational understanding of why you have to keep improving every concept you have.


You need to the most flexible time-gate

You need a vision. This part is easier to understand. Anyone who is ‘better-off’ already has the vision. They live it; and they can extrapolate a mildly better version. So if you are in the West, you can understand what it means to live in a world with relatively less corruption, conflict & and human indignation. So you have a vision of how you can change the place that does experience it. A true leader however, should have a vision that is on the periphery of the highest time-gate currently available. If you can not accept the most progressive person, you don’t have the mental flexibility to accept many of the most conservative ones. What does  this mean? you time-gate is too limited and you need to keep growing it in all direction. Once you have a time-gate that is so flexible that it can accept opinions in every direction. Then only can you be trusted to be a leader and not a dictator. This is where a few people will fall off the leadership list.


Revolutionizing is out of the question

This is quite possibly the hardest one to understand (and even harder to accept). Any leader who believes they can revolutionize social change are at best naive and at worst dangerous. This is where most people will fall of the list. You can not revolutionize ideas. Remember we have time-gates. And individual time-gates are more flexible than those of entire communities, groups or nations. If you think you can revolutionize everything so that the world is perfect, you are wrong. Even if it works for an individual, it will fail for a nation. If you have less sway, you will simply fail. If you have a lot of sway, you will break everything and most likely be viewed as evil because of your extreme impositions and for disruption of the majority’s lifestyle. This currently our biggest gap in leadership. This is where everyone from capitalist advocates, to socialists to religious extremists are equally wrong. And more right than the other depending on the base population and their time-gate.

So what can we do, if not revolutionize?

The answer is simply. We can do what leaders are meant to do. Leaders are not meant to punish destroy and cripple the opposition. They are meant to enlighten everyone. If you cannot change the mind of your opposition, you have simply failed as a leader and are now becoming the source for extremism. I am going to show the final diagram that has the answer beautifully layout out.


You need to only push the subjects to their highest point at which you and them both agree. At this point, they think that this is the best possible outcome there could have been. One that is creative enough that both parties can live without hurting the other. If you keep moving them to the limit of where their and your time-gates overlap. You can eventually move them well within yours. THIS is progress.

This means you will have corruption, you will have miss-management, murders, injustice, terrorism, everything. This means that we have learnt anything from history, it’s that incremental progress over-time is the only way to maintain maturity in the population. This mean that;

True leadership is inspiring people to be the best imaginable person; while helping them be the best of what they can humanly be.


If leadership is your interest. I want to hear what you think about this. If you are a veteran of this field; how does this fit with the current way? If you aspire to join this; how else can we apply this new way of thinking to weave a better tomorrow?


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