Down the rabbit hole

At the eve of right, he got out
to have a bit of a Sunday stroll
Airing out in many a thought
till he came across a rabbit hole

Dark n’ think the air had felt
inquisitive mind and a spirit bold
What secret had the blackness kept?
A sagacious worm, a gold brick road?!

The curious hand grasped down the pit
no time to glimpse, no thought to hold
Before the mind knew what it did
before it had a chance to gloat

Down he went, deep in the ditch
thick air around- a black abyss
High up was now the tiny hole
that came across his aimless stroll

No longer the child, the eyes had seen
the secrets it wished had not been
No longer could the mind now fit
the tiny hole that led it in

– Huzaifa Sial


Written by

Creating something new and coming-up with orginial solutions are sure high for me. I love the world I live-in and instead of making a dent in it I'd be more than happy if, through-out my life, I am able to take one out!