The Golden Formula of Wisdom

So, I know up till now my blog has mostly been a weird collection of esoteric raw thoughts (that sound more like performance arts pieces than reasonable opinions) and some refined thoughts that, even though aren’t special, are at least intelligible. But I have something here, that I think is the most amazing realization I have had to date.

An equation for how you can interact with this complex, opinionated, diverse and scattered world in a way that does not create arguments!

Yes! that’s how brilliant I think it is. I first thought of this as a personal moral system for myself but then as I thought more, I realized what I had was something more. It’s the perfect way to understand leadership; to measure the value of all historic figures without bias; to redefine justice & create simpler & more effective laws; to provide the right perspective for foreign policy; to have discussions without having arguments (no, seriously) and the missing piece that all A.I. should have encoded so we can prove that sci-fi writers and great thinkers of today are wrong about the coming apocalypse (yes, Stephen Hawking :P).

I know this sounds gimmicky beyond measure, but I assure you what I have here is really that versatile. It’s the perspective we all glimpse every once in a while in our best moments, but have somehow been unable to iterate as a method. It’s the one thing we have missed as we become a global society that, when incorporated, will finally help us shed the last remaining artifacts from our savage past and finally usher us into the new world of enlightened civility. It is so good, that following this, if we were to interact with extraterrestrials tomorrow we could actually have a productive peaceful conversation without starting an inter-galactic war.

The Golden Formula

And since calling it the ‘The interface for correct interaction of internal idealistic theoretical thoughts with the broader practical world and thoughts of others” is a mouth full, I am going to call it “The Golden formula of Wisdom”; the next iteration for the age-old Golden Rule.

So, now that I’m done selling this idea like a sleazy salesman, let’s get to what it actually is (yes ya lazy bums, there are pictures!).


Let’s say this is you (or me, or any person really). This little old person, in the giant cosmos, is you.


And you have thoughts. Which means you have formed ideas, dreams, opinions, concepts & rules about everything.

1And that is the first underlying rule of this. Because you have a brain, you have an opinion an everything. Even if you haven’t heard of something, you have an opinion on it. Or will have it, the moment you hear it. That’s your brain’s job. To think. It has opinions and models. Since everything is really just built on everything else, your brain will automatically do it’s job and create an opinion on the topic based on other opinions on other topics. Now the opinion can even be an ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I need to ask someone’, but the point is the slot is not completely empty. You have ideas and so does everyone else. About EVERYTHING, no exceptions.

The Other


So, when you live in this world, you interact with other people. And like you, other people have their opinions & models. And since everything that can interact, has a ‘brain’. An interaction happens only between two brains, even if not a word is said and no idea shared. There is another brain on the other-side perceiving it. So, while you were making up your opinions, the other person was making up theirs. And when you both talk, the more commonalities the two brains have, the easier it is to interact. If both brains have developed opinions and models on the same path, the exchange is easier. It’s like talking in the same language, say English.


But, the different the two brains are, the harder it is for them to see the same thing. It’s like when two strangers talk in different languages. One is speaking in French and the other in Arabic. The only things communicated are ‘body language’ and ‘tones of voice’. But even there it is hard to tell the harshness of one language from the softness of the other. They are just, different. They measure each other based on what their compatible person would mean if they were communicating with that body language and tone. Or, to make it simple. It’s like opening a file in one software, that actually belonged to the other. This is what a ,jpg of Mona Lisa looks like if you opened it as a text file. Not quite as beautiful now is it.


So, our current problem is that we don’t have the right APIs in place to interact with other brains? Precisely. We need to find a way to make our thought compatible with their model so we can communicate data. Now this isn’t just about communicating between two people. This is also about interacting with other pockets of information like laws, foreign policy and even aliens. But I will get to that later. Just remember, everyone is right in their language. We need to find a bridge to discuss in each other’s languages.

The Bridge

So there needs to be a bridge between these two pockets of information for them to travel. And the better we are able to set-up that bridge, the better this information will flow. This is where we need to understand any existing constraints. And the one we always ignore, maybe because it is hard to understand, is time. See the brain feeds on information over time and in steps. Time is not the length of the process. You can’t dump all the information in at once and give it a set amount of time before it can digest it, no. Time is the gate itself! You can only feed smaller chunks of information at a time. But only the chunks that are compatible with the current time-gate the brain has. So what that really means is, you have to break down your packaged idea back into its iterations and make sure only the right iteration-level goes through the right gate.

So this means, that even though you might have the right answer, you can be wrong if you deliver it through the wrong gate. And that my friends, is actually the problem of our current time. We don’t realize how much different our brains have gotten. Unlike the villages before, we live in wildly different worlds now with wildly different cultures and because of that, we are not on the same time-gate. And that is why we can’t communicate that way.

So let me show you what the formula looks like so far.



I know this sounds like fake math (and it is), but I am trying to illustrate a point in as many languages as possible (see what I did there :P ).  The bridge is the upper limit of the other. Assuming you are so much smarter than the other person and so far ahead, that they become a mere subset.

2The second underlying rule is the idea that brain does have a gate and there is an upper limit! You cannot feed it just anything. You cannot just pull it to any idea, it is malleable but not infinitely so. And if you push a brain to a level outside what is possible within the time-gate, will get a back-lash. And the back-lash will be so much that instead of making progress, you will make things worse for everyone. If you share an idea too far within the time-gate, you will easily communicate it, but the interaction will be less efficient. So it needs to be at the outermost edge.

images6So, if you break down your idea and only discuss the subset of that idea that has the acceptable key to their time-gate , you will actually be able to communicate. And communicating at the uppermost limit will get you the best results.

So this is what it looks like now.

+ Truth (or humility)

Hey, isn’t this looking awfully like talking to little kids? Talking on their level. Not making it complicated if you think they can’t understand it? Well in an eccentric abstract sense, yes that’s exactly what it is. However, we don’t want that to turn into a condescending exchange, because condescension is definitely not wise. So let’s make it complicate by finding a place for truth.

So, after understanding the idea that everyone is right in their language, you need to understand another idea; No one ever is. You see truth, and I mean absolute truth exists as infinity. No one has reached that and quite possibly no one ever will. Any idea that you think is right in this time will have been proven faulty in the next and was already faulty in the previous. So any idea, no matter how sensible, how divine, is untrue in a particular time. Leonardo Da Vinci was wrong, Einstein was wrong, Newton was wrong. All the folktales, the stories, the life lessons, the scientific theories, the laws of nature, the naysayers and legislators, all people who ever lived and will ever live are wrong. They were right in a relative sense, for a brief moment in time. But in the absolute sense, they were all just wrong. Equally.

And understanding that will help us understand that condescension is pointless, because we are just waiting to be proven wrong ourselves. I will put truth as infinitely bigger than all else.


That’s where the absolute form of truth and correctness exist. It’s infinity, so in this place we have utopias and aliens and immortality and everything is perfect in every sense. But this does not exist in any given time and every ‘time’ takes us towards it, without taking us any closer. So no one is ever right ad we need to keep in mind.

+ 3rd dimension (for depth)

The final element we need to add to this formula, is depth. I presented the simpler model because I didn’t want to make it confusing from the beginning. I want this particular piece to reach as many minds as possible. If you have come so far, here is the final step to this equation that should take you even beyond humility. This will help you understand this model in its true complexity. Time, is not linear and people cannot be charted on a singular plane. This model that I have where you are completely better than someone else and they become a complete subset of your superiority? Well this doesn’t exist. Reality is everyone is better than everyone at something and worse at something. And measuring the net effect of it all is too complex to understand. So let’s make this 3D, and add some depth!


This is what the model looks like. You have an upper-bound and they have an upper-bound. and it’s impossible to tell whose is further, and it’s impossible to tell who is closer to the truth. And really it is irrelevant because the truth is infinitely far away so being somewhat closer to infinity is still not close at all. So now what do we do? How do we bridge together now? Well, this is the most brilliant part. The Bridge is where an extension of your idea meet’s with the extension of an other idea over a common measurable plane. The point where they both meet, no matter what they are comparing, is the point where we maximize the area under the curve. The point where both limits interact, where the change achieved from a discussion is the highest. That point, my friends, is wisdom. That is the point that we need to find in every interaction of two ideas.


You know what this means? That there is no ‘agree to disagree’. That there is no right or wrong. There is no one solution. The solution is merely a mix of what both parties can accept at the height of their compromise. It seems weird, but at the end of the day a 50% gain on either side is more than none altogether. You can’t view it as what you did not get. You have to only view it as what we both now have. Because in the end what you have by yourself (the gold line) is really not there at all. It’s a ghost of what is possible, and realizing that is the key to this newer sense of awareness. What is real is that which is common. Which is shared by both, the area under the curve. This makes compromise a winning strategy, to be exact, the only strategy. Because we can only measure the blue area, and it helps you understand that a push beyond what is capable for the other person no matter how forced, will only bear a negative result  but it won’t exist in this world, only in your head.

Now this is a little hard to illustrate in all it’s depth. It’s not just because this is a newer idea of what a win is, but also because we often think we are comparing apples and oranges. Things so different, there is no comparison. Well the reality is, they are all a perception of the truth and if you go far back enough, you will find a common plane. We have to lay them out on that same plane so we can find what is better. So let’s actually compare apples and oranges!

I am avoiding using real concepts, because I want to leave those for all the blog posts below. I gotta save some candy for later! The more you see this being used the better you will understand it. And the quicker you can prove me wrong with your truth of a higher time-gate.

Anyways, if we make a chart of apple and oranges over a common theme of say, benefits over time. We can assume that apples are more effective, the more you eat them – ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. As for the orange, let’s assume it diminishes the value over time. Because of weight-loss from their higher satiety index? (yes I know I’m pushing it lol) or anything really. What combination of apples and oranges will give you the best result? Well, if your point is to go all apple and theirs to go all orange and both the choices lie outside each others limits. Then you need to extend them and find the point of wisdom. Oh I mean the golden point of wisdom :D (which here is grey! smh.)


You see, the apple fan boys (ha!) will never switch to orange and the orange maniacs will never go apple. In the new model we both know that it is almost impossible to tell which one is more true and really it is irrelevant because ∞. Then the only way to move forward is to find the point where the apple guys and the orange guys can compromise the most. Any demand outside of that will be demeaning and rejected and anything less will be a bad negotiation. And even if you do know that all apples are better than all oranges, discussing that with them would be like discussing giving votes to women during the emancipation proclamation! So the best option still is the same golden point of wisdom.

And THAT, my friends, is the formula to exist in today’s globalized-polarized-diversified world where brains have moved too far apart on different paths and exist in different times.


images13So we have a model, where there is absolute truth as the infinite. An unreachable reality that exist far away at almost an infinite time-gate.

images14We have you, with your perception of the truth. Because the truth is infinity and there is no infinite time-gate in the finite brain. You can only gain a mere perspective of it. Slowly and over time. By building on others’ time-gates. This shadow of sorts, of the actual truth, is your current language. It represents your current time-gate.

images15Everyone has a brain and therefore everyone has a time-gate. They all look at shadows of the actual infinite truth. This is where, Einstein, Da Vinci, Newton and everyone who ever was & will be, lives. Everyone here has built on different time-gates and reached different perspectives. The time-gate differences are greater today because we didn’t realize it when we were busy globalizing. But now that we understand this and we understand the human constraint of only growing time-gates and not jumping them. We need a to connect.


This way of connecting is the ‘bridge’. It works as a normalizer. We need it so we can convert ideas and models from our perception of the truth to their perception of the truth in a way that sends only the compatible information. By doing this, we start changing their time-gates, and they start changing ours. This way we can finally grow in the fastest practical way till we can bring everyone to such close proximity in time-gates that we can transcend individuality, culture, nationalism. And do it by celebrating it and incorporating it in a collective time-gate that we can once again share. And then grow exponentially from there on into infinity (woot!).

Phew, let’s take a break here. This was a lot to take in. But really this is what wisdom is. To deal with others, not how you want them to deal with you, but the best possible way they can accept being dealt with (take that Golden Rule!). And following this we can revamp all that we know and come up with newer, simpler, adaptable models that instantly solve our biggest problems, ourselves!

So let’s do this!! What does all the jargon about time-gates and mental bridges mean? I applied this formula in the list below so you can get an idea. Seriously, go take a look. I promise these are really short. Easy to just skim through. I’ve ranked with the most interesting on top: (some are incomplete still :P)

Have something to add? Any application I missed in the above list? Any flaws in this formula? I want you to comment below and move me up to your time-gate. Maybe we can collectively come up with the solution for this. So comment, share and get more minds in this. Let’s code wisdom and empathy into a replicable model that can help us design the world of tomorrow.


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