Quantity over Quality

My list of “possible” posts & ideas is growing faster than I can get to write. So maybe this time, I will take a different approach. Maybe I will create “ghosts of done” and have some thing published. Something, no matter how scattered dis-jointed and brief. It is better to have them out then to not at all. And maybe I can leave my future self some hidden notes and explanations that can come back to, if I ever need to properly layout these thoughts. So, from here on out. My posts will be brief, but often. and if the ideas holds clout, maybe I will consider writing it properly so it is more digestible for the world. This motivation also comes from watching a documentary on Da Vinci. His notes included absolutely any and everything he cared for. From random comments to finish prototype blue-prints to lists of things to figure out. And now we are glad for it, for no man has the time to create everything he dreams.. but fortunately for us, this doesn’t stop him from dreaming.

I often think about this quote told to me by a dear friend (and I wouldn’t want to be among the people described here):

It is unfortunate that the wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard. For in the graveyard we will find inventions that never were; ideas that still remain; and dreams that were never acted upon.

So, I am going to start posting even the raw thoughts


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Creating something new and coming-up with orginial solutions are sure high for me. I love the world I live-in and instead of making a dent in it I'd be more than happy if, through-out my life, I am able to take one out!