The Life Paradox

Life is either held by rules, or holds purpose. Those that have rules don’t require the burden of a purpose and those with a purpose are only hindered by rules.

The funny thing is, of the two groups only the latter truly lives. This makes the first group mere actors in the other’s lives. The combination of multiples of these lives create enough space for society to hold both the groups. By themselves though, each life only ever requires a small fraction of the whole. So a human with a purpose would not need the entire society to have a fulfilling life. With every waking moment pushing towards a goal, the journey itself can contain a fulfilling life. This narrow focus of a purposed life then makes most rules meaning-less (and most of society) making others only a hindrance because they either lie outside of that life, or in its path.

Human experience is so limited, that it can never taste the entirety of the universe; the breath of which is astronomical. This would mean, that if we only live when we have a purpose and having a purpose narrows the need for an elaborate life than by definition, life is not meant to be experienced in breadth. Varied experiences are a result of varied actions, and varied actions are not helpful in a defined purpose.  This leaves only one choice: To live life completely, one would have to live it with an extreme participation in the depth of the moment. That is the only life that can be both fulfilling and enriched.

Edited to include updated thoughts: As I try to live by this, I realize this thinking ‘to live the depth over breadth‘ requires an extraordinary amount of humility. Living the breadth is somehow the same as living-large… it inflates the ego and let’s you boost your self-esteem. It allows you to convince yourself of your amazing life (by the sheer variety of experiences); while living the depth forces you to think now, to find immense meaning and pleasure in the ‘ordinary’ moments (reduces the quantity over quality). With so many goals and aspirations projected on to the future, living in the present might be harder than it seems.


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