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Human beings have one thing that separates them from the rest. You may argue its intelligence, the opposable thumb, our control over our surrounding, or even luck. But I think there is something more fundamental. Its motivation. We as a species are DRIVEN. More so than anything else. Humans are neither the fastest, strongest, biggest, tallest, baddest or scariest things in the world. Hell we die of mosquito bites and low self-esteem all the time. But as a whole, we are motivated. Driven to make an impact. Driven to achieve and evolve. And the days you realize that are the best of days.

I have used a lot as motivation in my life. Race, religion, circumstance, my own abilities, fantasies and dreams. But the best days are the ones where you don’t need any of that. You don’t need them because you have something better. Another person. Another human being just like much better than you. Whose mere existence an inspiration. A single interaction pushes you forward. Gives you the motivation to come home, read, work, exercise, write a blog, do better, BE BETTER. And it might last you a while, or it might not. Either way… good to know it’s there!


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Creating something new and coming-up with orginial solutions are sure high for me. I love the world I live-in and instead of making a dent in it I'd be more than happy if, through-out my life, I am able to take one out!