Changing the Face of How We Create Laws

So we know how the golden formula changes foreign policy. It’s more about teaching and less about enforcing. But what about law, where everything is about enforcement. How does it change that. Well, let’s build the same idea again.

We don’t know the truth. The truth changes as quickly as perspective. And law is the way we provide perspective. It is the way we currently enforce structure & morality. But the biggest problem with today’s law is

The Best Way to Understand Leadership

Leadership is one of the most discussed concepts here in the West. There is something about being relatively better-off that pushes our brain to the conclusion that we can also lead others into this. To a certain degree, it is right… because you need to see the better-off to get there, but it isn’t all there is. Leadership can be tough and exhausting, but based on the time-gate model there is finally a really simple, singular path to

The Golden Formula of Wisdom

So, I know up till now my blog has mostly been a weird collection of esoteric raw thoughts (that sound more like performance arts pieces than reasonable opinions) and some refined thoughts that, even though aren’t special, are at least intelligible. But I have something here, that I think is the most amazing realization I have had to date.
An equation for how you can interact with this complex, opinionated, diverse and scattered world in a way that does not create arguments!
Yes! that’s how

Quantity over Quality

My list of “possible” posts & ideas is growing faster than I can get to write. So maybe this time, I will take a different approach. Maybe I will create “ghosts of done” and have some thing published. Something, no matter how scattered dis-jointed and brief. It is better to have them out then to not at all. And maybe I can leave my future self some hidden notes and explanations that can come back

They key to happiness is personality flaws

Human life (through the lens of time) is a continuous set of complex transactions; each transaction has a cost and a return. These decisions are interlinked, they bounce around through time being impacted by other decisions & their costs until some finally cascade back into your life. The key to happiness is to know what your personality costs, so you can have some understanding of how these rays will re-enter your life. This way you

The Life Paradox

Life is either held by rules, or holds purpose. Those that have rules don’t require the burden of a purpose and those with a purpose are only hindered by rules.
The funny thing is, of the two groups only the latter truly lives. This makes the first group mere actors in the other’s lives. The combination of multiples of these lives create enough space for society to hold both the groups. By themselves though, each life

Down the rabbit hole

At the eve of right, he got out
to have a bit of a Sunday stroll
Airing out in many a thought
till he came across a rabbit hole

Dark n’ think the air had felt
inquisitive mind and a spirit bold
What secret had the blackness kept?
A sagacious worm, a gold brick road?!

The curious hand grasped down the pit
no time to glimpse, no thought to hold
Before the mind knew what it did
before it had a chance to gloat

Down he went,

Convincing the intelligent

If your reasoning is sound, he will come to same conclusion as yours. And if it is not, he will take you to the right one.

Before I even begin, I understand that every situation is unique and human beings are too complex to be explained by just one reason. And even the reasons and explanations that we come-up with, are highly biased. They tell us more about ourselves than the rest of the world. That

Experiences are like raw data

In my opinion, experiences are like raw data to the brain. They have scores of information, but it’s all jumbled up into a cocktail of useful/useless, new/old, good/bad information. Our brain takes it all in, and works on it over time. Some patterns become visible instantly while others take more time and additional experiences to formulate. But getting an experience is still far superior than just having a conversation, reading a book or discussing an idea. An

The place where motivation lives!

Human beings have one thing that separates them from the rest. You may argue its intelligence, the opposable thumb, our control over our surrounding, or even luck. But I think there is something more fundamental. Its motivation. We as a species are DRIVEN. More so than anything else. Humans are neither the fastest, strongest, biggest, tallest, baddest or scariest things in the world. Hell we die of mosquito bites and low self-esteem all the time. But as a